Offsprings: Kalisto v. Gablitztal

Sex: male

Colour: black and gold

Breeding test code:


sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total0033

Participated in youth assessment: 0 [0%]

Accepted for breeding: 0 [0%]

Number of registered offsprings: 3

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter M v. Hause Luka / 3. 12. 2010
Mother: Juka v. Hause Luka [blond, BT code: , HD: HD A1]
Merlin v. Hause Lukamaleblond--accepted for breedingHD A1
Mirko v. Hause Lukamaleblond------
Litter P ex Mercator / 22. 12. 2009
Mother: Duqua v. Märchenhof [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD A1]
Pablo ex Mercatormaleblond--accepted for breedingHD A1

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