Breeding of hovawarts in the Czech republic is controlled and its aim is to maintain the characteristics of the breed according to the approved standard of FCI and improving the quality of individuals with regards to their use in breeding. According the standard hovawart is a working breed and therefore it is necessary to enhance the quality of exterior and minimize the health and temperament divergences of the breed which could lead to restrictions in working usability and the whole breed as well. The basis of controlled breeding is the selection of individuals utilized in breeding, method of breeding and selection of suitable partners for breeding in order to achieve the greatest genetic variability of hovawart population in the country. The breeding is governed by generally binding regulations valid in the Czech Republic (Breeding Regulations, Regulations of ČMKU, and Registration Regulations of the Hovawart club); the supreme body of control of the breeding in Hovawart club is the Head Breeding Advisor, respectively Breeding Board.

The aim of breeding


  • maintain a maximum of 5% of kinship
  • promote the use of the widest possible spectrum of sires with regard to their stud value
  • actively participate in the expansion of the genetic base - promote the use of foreign sires under the leadership of Head Breeding Advisor  for foreign mating (individual consultation)
  • publish the results of examinations  of HD
  • publish the results of further examinations of breeding dogs
  • coordinate actions to reduce the occurrence of HD (consult independent experts-specialists)
  • monitor the health status of the population
  • In the case confirmed the occurrence of serious hereditary diseases - consult with an auxiliary organ of the club (veterinary specialist) the suitability of decommissioning the individual or individuals from breeding, consult the recommendation of suitable tests
  • education of breeders and owners - discussions with experts, specialists, information on the Internet  and at the Club Newsletter


  • assessing the temperament during the breeding test by the professional judges for performance
  • strict selection of individuals with the unbalanced nature, possibly limiting their breeding
  • match strictly erratic nature of the character with the balanced character
  • promote the working use of HW
  • organize talks with breeders and owners of HW


  • adhere the applicable standard of F.C.I. 
  • observe more frequent occurrence of significant deviations from the standard and implement effective measures

Conditions for breeding

  • HD 0/0 (HD - A) for male dogs, female dogs max. 1/1 (HD - B) - with limited breeding. 
  • passing of assessment of youth, attendance at least of one show with awarding CAC since the age of 15 months; and successful breeding assessment 

Breeding assessment

  • It consists of assessment of the exterior and character test
  • The dog must obtain a minimum of 70% score of the character test. The dog that at any time during the breeding assessment shows as aggressive, shy and lethargic will be dismissed from the breeding test.
  • The result is of the breeding assessment is:  passed, passed with restriction in breeding, did not pass or not listed (after non-compliance with the minimum score of the character test, the dog has an opportunity to repeat breeding assessment) 
  • Link to Breeding card, which is a base for the breeding code is here.
  • Link to video of the character test is here.

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