Offsprings: Azazela v. Philippsdorf

Sex: female

Colour: black

Breeding test code: 5/1a/M8/AA

HD: HD a(0/0)

sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total14611

Participated in youth assessment: 8 [72.73%]

Accepted for breeding: 3 [27.27%]

Number of registered offsprings: 11

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter C v. Philippsdorf / 4. 6. 2004
Father: Capron v. Brahmetal [blond, BT code: , HD: HD A1]
Carl v. Philippsdorfmalebg-----HD b(1/1)
Cid v. Philippsdorfmalebg5/2a/N3----HD a(0/0)
Capron v. Philippsdorfmaleblond5/3a----HD a(0/0)
Conny v. Philippsdorffemaleblack-----HD a(0/0)
Carlie v. Philippsdorffemalebg5/2a,4f-----
Cita v. Philippsdorffemalebg5/2a,4f-----
Catty v. Philippsdorffemaleblond5/3a/E4,N3----HD a(0/0)
Cindy v. Philippsdorffemaleblond5/3a/N35/3a/M1/BAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Clea v. Philippsdorffemaleblond------
Cora v. Philippsdorffemaleblond5/3a/A3,E45/3a/A3,F2,I1,J2,L4,N3,S1,S2/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Corry v. Philippsdorffemaleblond5/3a5/3a/G3,M1/AAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)

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