Offsprings: Arete Amarelo Arcum

Sex: female

Colour: black

Breeding test code: 4/1a/D2,X1/S

HD: HD a(0/0)

sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total37515

Participated in youth assessment: 0 [0%]

Accepted for breeding: 0 [0%]

Number of registered offsprings: 15

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter E Amarelo Arcum / 11. 4. 2024
Father: Aslan Pilisi - Hajnal [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD-A]
Ector Amarelo Arcummalebg------
Edgar Amarelo Arcummalebg------
Enrico Amarelo Arcummalebg------
Evelio Amarelo Arcummalebg------
Edwin Amarelo Arcummaleblond------
Etien Amarelo Arcummaleblond------
Esa Enterprise Amarelo Arcumfemaleblack------
Elizabeth Amarelo Arcumfemalebg------
Estée Amarelo Arcumfemalebg------
Enigma Amarelo Arcumfemaleblond------
Litter C Amarelo Arcum / 22. 3. 2023
Father: Elroy Black Prim [black and gold, BT code: 5/2a/K1/S, HD: HD a(0/0)]
Cartee Amarelo Arcummalebg------
Clearray Amarelo Arcummaleblond------
Caitlin Amarelo Arcumfemaleblack------
Cora Amarelo Arcumfemaleblack------
Cirra Amarelo Arcumfemaleblond------

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