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v. Kesseltal

PhotoNo picture available.
FatherArmani v. steilen Hang
MotherMary-Lu v.d. Elbperle
Date of birth4. 6. 2009
Date of death-
Colourblack and gold
Breeding statusaccepted for breeding
Pedigree no.VDH-HO 33592-09
Tattoo no.-
Chip no.-
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Health results-

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DNA profile

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Number of registered siblings: 1

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter B v. Kesseltal / 4. 6. 2009
Bandit v. KesseltalmalebgHD A1accepted for breeding
Boomer v. KesseltalmalebgHD A1accepted for breeding


Number of registered offsprings: 11

Offsprings in detail »    

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter C Ave Fortunae / 12. 12. 2016
Mother: Diggy Takavorakan
Caesar Ave FortunaemalebgHD a(0/0)---
Cardinal Ave Fortunaemalebg----
Cicero Ave Fortunaemalebg----
Clayton Ave Fortunaemalebg----
Crilee Ave Fortunaemalebg----
Crisp Ave Fortunaemalebg----
Cristian Ave Fortunaemaleblond----
Camellia Ave Fortunaefemalebg----
Clara Ave Fortunaefemalebg----
Crystal Ave Fortunaefemalebg----
Litter L v. Hervester Hof / 28. 9. 2014
Mother: Hoka Hey v. Drachentöter
Liwanu v. Hervester HofmalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding


Number of registered ancestors up to 4th generation: 29
Number of unique ancestors up to 4th generation: 29
Ancestor-Loss coefficient: 1

Armani v. steilen Hang

black and gold
VDH-HO 30831-05

Helos v. Holter Berg

black and gold
3 HO 27429-01

Enix v. Silberbrünnchen

3 HO 23717-97

Alex v. Magister

black and gold
3 HO 20443-94

Aline v. Silberbrünnchen

VDH-HO 18716-92

Floh v. Holter Berg

black and gold
VDH-HO 22293-96

Asmus v.d. Goldkutte

black and gold
VDH-HO 17714-91

Alea v. Holter Berg

black and gold
VDH-HO 15051-88

Dasja v. Knosteren

black and gold
VDH-HO 28114-02

Enno v. Arminius

black and gold
VDH-HO 23851-97

Ivo v. Nordsturm

black and gold
VDH-HO 19763-93

Jelly v. Campemoor

black and gold
VDH-HO 21143-95

Clara v. Hervester Hof

black and gold
VDH-HO 21465-95

Askari v. Lahn und Dill

black and gold
VDH-HO 17374-91

Freya ex Mercator

black and gold
VDH-HO 16393-89

Mary-Lu v.d. Elbperle

black and gold
VDH-HO 29128-03

Bandit v. Centwald

VDH-HO 23274-96

Clou v. Campemoor

black and gold
VDH-HO 15886-89

Barry v. Arminius

VDH-HO 12199-83

Bona v. Schlangenweiher

VDH-HO 19021-92

Bolligru a.d. Schwarzen Haus

black and gold
VDH-HO 14696-87

Babsie v. Biebertal

VDH-HO 14400-86

Banja v. Völkerschlachtdenkmal

black and gold
VDH-HO 21554-95

Kevin v.d. Zollbrücke

black and gold
VDH-HO 18734-92

Dasty v. Deutsch-City

black and gold
DDR 88-129

Rakete v.d. Ehrenpforte

black and gold
DDR 87-010

Dixi v.d. Elbperle

black and gold
VDH-HO 17274-91

Junior v. Ascona

black and gold
VDH-HO 14927-87

Afra v.d. Elbperle

black and gold
DDR 88-035

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