Offsprings: Aneta Tánio

Sex: female

Colour: blond

Breeding test code:

HD: HD a(0/0)

sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total012728

Participated in youth assessment: 0 [0%]

Accepted for breeding: 11 [39.29%]

Number of registered offsprings: 33

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter G Gasko Prim / 27. 8. 1996
Father: Art Veterné údolie [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD a(0/0)]
Gasko Gasko Primmale-------
Goldi Gasko Primmale-------
Garet Gasko Primmalebg------
Gira Gasko Primfemale-------
Grace Gasko Primfemale-------
Garde Gasko Primfemaleblond------
Gasi Gasko Primfemaleblond-5/3a,4a/D2,M8/8accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Litter E Gasko CS / 9. 9. 1995
Father: Bressli Zelené Karpaty [blond, BT code: , HD: HD a(0/0)]
Erotik Gasko CSmaleblond-5/3a/D2,L2/5accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Elektra Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Eleri Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Erka Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/3accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Esta Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Every Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Litter D Gasko CS / 1. 3. 1995
Father: Bressli Zelené Karpaty [blond, BT code: , HD: HD a(0/0)]
Dasko Gasko CSmaleblond------
Dynamit Gasko CSmaleblond------
Dama Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Danae Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a,4a/A4,G1,L4/6accepted for breedingHD c(2/0)
Derri Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/H1,L2/5----
Dixi Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/A4,L4,M8/6accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Dusty Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/K4/8accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Litter C Gasko CS / 19. 3. 1994
Father: Linus v. Wendenhaus [blond, BT code: , HD: ]
Caro Gasko CSmaleblond------
Coro Gasko CSmaleblond------
Camea Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Casia Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/D2,K4,L4/4accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Celly Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Cessy Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/A3,B6,D2,I1,L4,M8/7accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Clannad Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a,4a/B8,E4,M8/7accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Clea Gasko CSfemaleblond------
Litter B Gasko CS / 23. 9. 1993
Father: Aris od Jinolických rybniků [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD a(0/0)]
Baria Gasko CSfemaleblond-5/3a/K3/5accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Litter A Gasko CS / 24. 10. 1992
Father: Linus v. Wendenhaus [blond, BT code: , HD: ]
Albion Gasko CSmaleblond-5/3a,4a/J3/5accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Asco Gasko CSmaleblond--accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Axa Gasko CSfemale-------
Ambra Gasko CSfemaleblond--accepted for breedingHD a(0/0)

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