Offsprings: Kesidy Plavý vítr

Sex: female

Colour: blond

Breeding test code: 5/3a/I1/AA

HD: HD a(0/0)

sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total54615

Participated in youth assessment: 12 [80%]

Accepted for breeding: 8 [53.33%]

Number of registered offsprings: 15

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter B Kesidy / 16. 4. 2009
Father: Nasthus Animagus [black and gold, BT code: 5/2a/M8/AA, HD: HD a(0/0)]
Black Beryl Kesidymaleblack5/1a5/1a/D2,S1,S5/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Bugs Benny Kesidymaleblack5/1a5/1a/A2,A3,B1,C2,I1,S5/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Bruthus Boy Kesidymalebg5/2a,4f----HD a(0/0)
Boogie-Woogie Kesidyfemalebg5/2a,4f5/2a,4f/D2,G1,S1,S5/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Best Safira Kesidyfemaleblond5/3a/E4----HD a(0/0)
Bonetka Kesidyfemaleblond------
Litter A Kesidy / 10. 12. 2005
Father: Iberto v.d. Spreewehrmühle [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD A1]
Argyll Kesidymaleblack5/1a----HD a(0/0)
Anzi-Bady Kesidymaleblond5/3a5/3a/B9,D2,N3/AAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Arjessy Kesidymaleblond------
Atticus Kesidymaleblond------
Achita Kesidyfemaleblack5/1a2/1a/G3,L3,S3,S5/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Awe Kesidyfemaleblack5/1a/A3 P1 dole neprořezané oboustr.2/1a/B8,D2,N3/BAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Arwen Kesidyfemalebg5/2a5/2a/D2,L4,N3/AAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Attari Wart Kesidyfemalebg5/2a/A4,D2 P1 vpravo nahoře 5/2a/A4,D2,K3,L4/BAaccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Alvia Kesidyfemaleblond5/3a/D2,E1,N3----HD a(0/0)

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