Offsprings: Alfa Pilisi - Hajnal

Sex: male

Colour: black and gold

Breeding test code:


sexblackblack and goldblondin total
in total0729

Participated in youth assessment: 7 [77.78%]

Accepted for breeding: 1 [11.11%]

Number of registered offsprings: 9

namesexcolouryouth assessment codeBT codebreeding statusHD
Litter E Ebritte / 22. 2. 2021
Mother: Carla Asiguarda [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD A]
Elora Ebrittefemalebg5/2a,2d,4c/N3-----
Enelli Ebrittefemalebg5/2a,4c,4f/N3----HD a(0/0)
Litter R Anonymus Notus / 29. 5. 2020
Mother: Aisha Anonymus Amicus [blond, BT code: , HD: ]
Rados Anonymus Notusmaleblond--accepted for breedingHD-A
Litter B Eldunarya / 14. 2. 2020
Mother: Éowyn Debbie-Ann [black and gold, BT code: 4/2a,4a/D2,N3/S, HD: HD a(0/0)]
Baelor Eldunaryamalebg5/2a/A2,N3-----
Bellaya Eldunaryafemalebg5/2a,4a/N3----HD a(0/0)
Beowyn Eldunaryafemalebg5/2a/N35/2a/D2,S5,X1/Saccepted for breedingHD a(0/0)
Berkana Eldunaryafemalebg5/2a,4a/A4,N3 vpravo nahoře P1 zdvojení korunky----HD a(0/0)
Berit Eldunaryafemaleblond5/3a,4a/A2,N3 extrakce M1 vlevo - absces zubu----HD a(0/0)
Litter O Aldeon / 13. 5. 2019
Mother: Charlotte Aldeon [black and gold, BT code: , HD: HD A]
Olivia Aldeonfemalebg--accepted for breedingHD A1

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