Kennel information: Aldeon

Breeder's information

Owner is not a member of the Czech HW club.

Name: Kuska Pavel

Country: Slovensko


As this is a foreign kennel, the information is limited to dogs imported to the Czech Republic or those appearing in some pedigree.

Number of registered puppies: 21

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter Q / 16. 7. 2021
Mother: Naia Aldeon
Father: Aniseed Wonder Sambuca
Quentin Aldeonmalebg----
Quinella AldeonfemaleblondHD a(0/0)---
Litter O / 13. 5. 2019
Mother: Charlotte Aldeon
Father: Alfa Pilisi - Hajnal
Olivia AldeonfemalebgHD A1accepted for breeding
Litter N / 15. 5. 2018
Mother: Djamila Aldeon
Father: Aik Carpathia Heart
Naia AldeonfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Nailynn Aldeonfemalebg----
Namira AldeonfemalebgHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding
Neri AldeonfemalebgHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding
Litter M / 14. 5. 2017
Mother: Charlotte Aldeon
Father: Endriew Westbohemia star
Mefisto AldeonmalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Maddie AldeonfemalebgHD b(1/1)accepted for breeding
Maya AldeonfemaleblondHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding
Litter L / 16. 5. 2016
Mother: Djamila Aldeon
Father: Flocky Eilleen
Leroy AldeonmalebgHD A/Aaccepted for breeding
Luna AldeonfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Litter I / 18. 6. 2014
Mother: Bina Aldeon
Father: Totus Tuus Hovki Lusi
Iris AldeonfemalebgHD a(0/0)---
Isabela Aldeonfemalebg-accepted for breeding
Litter C / 20. 3. 2014
Mother: Djamila Aldeon
Father: Armín Hali Gali
Charlotte AldeonfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Litter H / 17. 8. 2013
Mother: Bleys Folcrum
Father: Bond v. Gut Grone
Heidi AldeonfemalebgHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding
Litter F / 3. 6. 2012
Mother: Bleys Folcrum
Father: Lord Leroy v.d. Spreewehrmühle
Felix AldeonmalebgHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding
Litter D / 18. 4. 2011
Mother: Bleys Folcrum
Father: Ivanhoe v. Garten der Freiheit
Djamila Aldeonfemalebg-accepted for breeding
Doris Aldeonfemalebg----
Litter B / 12. 1. 2009
Mother: Bleys Folcrum
Father: Zandor Vernon Pusztai Pandur
Bina AldeonfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Litter A / 30. 12. 2007
Mother: Bleys Folcrum
Father: Ulsan Gasko Prim
Alize AldeonfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding

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