Kennel information: Anonymus

Breeder's information

Owner is not a member of the Czech HW club.

Name: Mészáros Gábor

Country: Maďarsko


As this is a foreign kennel, the information is limited to dogs imported to the Czech Republic or those appearing in some pedigree.

Number of registered puppies: 4

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter N / 12. 5. 2011
Mother: Cédrus Anonymus
Father: Treff Pusztai Pandur
Notus Gina Anonymusfemaleblack----
Litter C / 11. 8. 2007
Mother: Puma Anonymus
Father: Don Teufelchen von Husgritt
Cédrus Anonymusfemaleblond----
Litter P / 29. 7. 2002
Mother: Go-Go Hegyi
Father: Aggy Oldtyr
Puma Anonymusfemaleblond----
Litter G / 21. 4. 1997
Mother: Diana Hidvig
Father: Co-Co Hegyi
Gerti AnonymusfemaleblondHD A1accepted for breeding

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