Kennel information: Folcrum

Breeder's information

Owner is not a member of the Czech HW club.

Name: Pristach Jozef

Country: Slovensko


As this is a foreign kennel, the information is limited to dogs imported to the Czech Republic or those appearing in some pedigree.

Number of registered puppies: 12

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter F / 21. 5. 2009
Mother: Arriba z Hrabovských stájí
Father: Bellfast v.d. Haselhöhe
Fatima FolcrumfemalebgHD a(0/0)---
Fju FolcrumfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Foxy FolcrumfemalebgHD a(0/0)---
Litter E / 15. 5. 2008
Mother: Dara z Krovia
Father: Coddys Gora Monte
Ejmi Folcrumfemalebg----
Eli FolcrumfemaleblondHD A---
Litter D / 21. 6. 2007
Mother: Dara z Krovia
Father: Milan v.d. Hausbergkante
Dandy FolcrummalebgHD b(1/1)---
Litter C / 28. 6. 2006
Mother: Dara z Krovia
Father: Oskar v.d. Bildeiche
C-Hita Folcrumfemaleblond----
Litter B / 1. 6. 2005
Mother: Dara z Krovia
Father: Ozi Las Ksiezniczek
Bono FolcrummalebgHD a(0/0)---
Bleys FolcrumfemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Bonnie FolcrumfemaleblondHD Aaccepted for breeding
Litter A / 16. 5. 2004
Mother: Dara z Krovia
Father: Alan z Horské pastviny
Angus Folcrummalebg----
Avar FolcrummalebgHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding

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