Kennel information: Dilectio Canis

Breeder's details

Breeder is a member of the Czech HW club.

Michaela Jandová, Kladno 3
Region: Středočeský
Phone: 774689384
Mobile: 774689384


Number of litters: 3

Number of puppies: 26

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter C / 8. 4. 2022
Mother: Awaited Hope Dilectio Canis
Father: Don't stop me now Ghipinaldo
Caramel Latte Dilectio Canismaleblond----
Crazy Cupcake Dilectio Canismalebg----
Cross Bun Dilectio Canismalebg----
Cini Minis Dilectio Canisfemaleblond----
Cinnamon Roll Dilectio Canisfemalebg----
Coca Cola Dilectio Canisfemalebg----
Coco Icecream Dilectio Canisfemaleblond----
Cotton Candy Dilectio Canisfemaleblond----
Cream Chocolate Dilectio Canisfemalebg----
Litter B / 18. 11. 2021
Mother: Genesis Seahawk
Father: Leroy v.d. Hofreite
Back to Black Dilectio Canismaleblack----
Be Careful Dilectio Canismaleblack----
Be My Lover Dilectio Canismalebg----
Black Beer Dilectio CanismaleblackHD B---
Born To Be a Model Dilectio Canismaleblond----
Brown Coffee Dilectio Canismalebg----
Bright Star Dilectio CanisfemaleblackHD a(0/0)---
Litter A / 11. 7. 2019
Mother: Genesis Seahawk
Father: Merlin v. Hause Luka
A Fire of Life Dilectio CanismaleblackHD a(0/0)---
Absolute Number One Dilectio CanismaleblondHD a(0/0)---
Adventurous Scamp Dilectio CanismalebgHD a(0/0)---
Angel Face Dilectio CanismaleblondHD a(0/0)---
Agile Sweet Sugar Dilectio CanisfemalebgHD a(0/0)---
All You Need Dilectio Canisfemaleblond----
Always Happy Dilectio Canisfemaleblond----
Arizona Sky Dilectio Canisfemalebg----
Ask Me About Dilectio CanisfemaleblackHD b(0/1)accepted for breeding
Awaited Hope Dilectio CanisfemaleblondHD a(0/0)accepted for breeding

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