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v. Fürstenwall

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FatherOtto v. Schondratal
MotherTessa v. Ünglinger Tor
Date of birth29. 10. 1998
Date of death28. 10. 2009
Colourblack and gold
Breeding statusaccepted for breeding
Pedigree no.VDH-HO 25241-98
Tattoo no.-
Chip no.-
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Health results-

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DNA profile

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Number of registered siblings: 2

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter B v. Fürstenwall / 29. 10. 1998
Balu v. FürstenwallmalebgHD A1accepted for breeding
Bayar v. Fürstenwallmalebg-accepted for breeding
Banja v. FürstenwallfemalebgHD A1accepted for breeding


Number of registered offsprings: 3

Offsprings in detail »    

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter A v. Schondratal / 4. 9. 2004
Father: Drops v. Deichselbachtal
Aischa v. SchondratalfemalebgHD A2accepted for breeding
Litter Z v. Schondratal / 19. 7. 2003
Father: Geron aus Vinkona
Zantos v. SchondratalmalebgHD-A1---
Zina v. SchondratalfemalebgHD A1accepted for breeding


Number of registered ancestors up to 4th generation: 18
Number of unique ancestors up to 4th generation: 17
Ancestor-Loss coefficient: 0.94

Otto v. Schondratal

black and gold
VDH-HO 19836-93

Kessy v. Schondratal

black and gold
VDH-HO 15841-89

Barry v.d. Lerchenau

black and gold
VDH-HO 12038-83

Boreas v. Quellenhof

black and gold
VDH-HO 10522-80

Cassia v.d. Aheggmühle

VDH-HO 08946-77

Birke v. Schondratal

black and gold
VDH-HO 10850-81

Tessa v. Ünglinger Tor

black and gold
VDH-HO 20664-94

Lorbass v.d. Poststrasse

black and gold
DDR 88-138

Otto v.d. Ehrenpforte

DDR 85-6843

Barry v. Waldesruh

black and gold
DDR 80-5761

Edda v.d. Ehrenpforte

black and gold
DDR 80-5610

Arka v.d. Poststrasse

black and gold
DDR 80-5641

Basko v.d. Asseburg

black and gold
DDR 77-4993

Assyra v.d. Zollbrücke

black and gold
DDR 77-5002

Conny v. Köriser See

black and gold
DDR 87-199

Eick v.d. Poststrasse

black and gold
DDR 83-6414

Askan v. Blauen Band

black and gold
DDR 77-5012

Arka v.d. Poststrasse

black and gold
DDR 80-5641

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