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v.d. Asseburg

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FatherEndor v. Haveleck
MotherHalla v. Inesgarten
Date of birth20. 4. 1977
Date of death-
Colourblack and gold
Breeding statusaccepted for breeding
Pedigree no.DDR 77-4993
Tattoo no.-
Chip no.-
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Health results-

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Number of registered siblings: 3

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter B v.d. Asseburg / 20. 4. 1977
Baccus v.d. Asseburgmalebg-accepted for breeding
Basko v.d. Asseburgmalebg-accepted for breeding
Bonny v.d. Asseburgmalebg-accepted for breeding
Baffy v.d. Asseburgfemalebg-accepted for breeding


Number of registered offsprings: 11

Offsprings in detail »    

namesexcolourHDbreeding status
Litter J v.d. Ehrenpforte / 18. 8. 1983
Mother: Asja v.d. Ehrenpforte
Jolly v.d. EhrenpfortefemalebgHD freiaccepted for breeding
Litter I v.d. Ehrenpforte / 8. 8. 1982
Mother: Asja v.d. Ehrenpforte
Ina v.d. EhrenpfortefemaleblondHD freiaccepted for breeding
Litter B v.d. Poststrasse / 17. 2. 1982
Mother: Assyra v.d. Zollbrücke
Biene v.d. PoststrassefemalebgHD freiaccepted for breeding
Birka v.d. Poststrassefemalebg-accepted for breeding
Litter G v.d. Ehrenpforte / 4. 7. 1981
Mother: Asja v.d. Ehrenpforte
Gila v.d. Ehrenpfortefemale--accepted for breeding
Gloria v.d. EhrenpfortefemaleblondHD freiaccepted for breeding
Litter A v.d. Poststrasse / 10. 7. 1980
Mother: Assyra v.d. Zollbrücke
Arka v.d. PoststrassefemalebgHD freiaccepted for breeding
Litter E v.d. Ehrenpforte / 13. 6. 1980
Mother: Asja v.d. Ehrenpforte
Erko v.d. EhrenpfortemalebgHD freiaccepted for breeding
Edda v.d. EhrenpfortefemalebgHD Aaccepted for breeding
Elsa v.d. Ehrenpfortefemale--accepted for breeding
Litter C v.d. Ehrenpforte / 21. 6. 1979
Mother: Asja v.d. Ehrenpforte
Condor v.d. EhrenpfortemaleblondHD-Freiaccepted for breeding


Number of registered ancestors up to 4th generation: 3
Number of unique ancestors up to 4th generation: 3
Ancestor-Loss coefficient: 1

Endor v. Haveleck

VDH-HO 06138-69

Halla v. Inesgarten

black and gold
DDR 74-4567

Assan v. Schlosspark

black and gold
DDR 70-4255

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